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Today, our organization has 1500 + members and are sprinkled all over the world.

The intent to create BMSCA association is that the relationship of a student and his or her alma mater does not end with graduation but instead, it morphs into special bond that grows with each passing year. The college and its network can support them throughout. Alumni, in turn, can contribute to the college's growth in various ways. BMSCA has received active and continuous involvement from its Alumni.

To ease the process of connecting, BMSCA has launched Alumni network on AlmaConnect a exclusive online Alumni directory.

The portal helps the alumni to keep in touch with college and get multiple long-term benefits like Career help/recruitment, learning and engagement.

BMSCA strives to make this platform more effective by communicating all ongoing activities of the college. It also helps the alumni to receive information about their Alma-mater with respect to achievements of students, professors, mentors and staff. Through this we aim to sustain all the precious relationships with our students as they continue with their career.