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Doctoral Program

BMSCA Research Center :

BMS College of Architecture (BMSCA) is a recognized Research Center under Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi. The Doctoral Program leading to Ph D degree in Faculty of Architecture was started in the year 2010. Since 2017 BMSCA was recognized as a Research Center under VTU offering excellent opportunities for quality academic research. The Institution with its strong academic profile and a rigorous learning environ provides befitting grounds to engage in a significantly enriching research experience with close-connect between academia and practical applications. Beyond boundaries research scholars are striving to emulate fundamental studies and fundings in frontline research in the field of Architecture and related diverse fields of Urban and Regional Planning, Urban design, Sustainable design, Building science, Landscape design, Architectural pedagogy & other relevant disciplines. BMSCA Research Center emphasizes on quality research that shall contribute to the society at large, making valuable theoretical & practical contributions in creating better buildings and cities, sustain the natural environment and enable best innovative practices.

The Research Grounds :

The Doctoral Program aims to promote value addition and knowledge percolation amongst under-graduate and post-graduate studies as well. The Research Center with its excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes well equipped laboratories with latest equipment such as 3D Printer & Laser machine, Computer Lab with latest up-to-date software, Library & resource center boasting of nearly 10000 latest editions of books, print & e-journals offer an enhanced environment suitable for research & innovations. The BSMCA faculty force which includes Research Supervisors who are dedicated researchers in diverse fields of expertise and are guiding scholars towards disciplined and quality research projects. Many faculties pursuing research at the Research Center add to the academic pedagogical discourse and expand horizons amongst UG & PG learnings.

Recognized Research Supervisors under VTU include :

Dr. Mamatha P. Raj, Professor & Director
Dr. Vaseem A, Professor
Dr. Shobha M N, Professor
Dr. Lekha Hegde, Professor
Dr. Dakshayini R. Patil, Associate Professor & Head- Academic Research.

The Research path :

BMSCA Research Center assures a disciplined yet conducive research atmosphere for indulgent and focussed researcher scholars. Research studies are governed by the Regulations stipulated by VTU, Belagavi and may be accessed at The latest Regulations and amendments are updated from time to time by the University which specifies each clause beginning with candidate eligibility to every progressing stage of research in a systematic manner. Aspiring researchers are suggested to browse through the latest regulations to understand the procedure for applying & qualifying for the Doctoral program admissions. For other required information, may be visited under the ‘Research’ tab.

The Research journey :

BMSCA Research Center aims to provide a research journey to the scholars that is traced with exchange of ideas and dialogues with eminent professionals who have ground-breaking research to their credit. A series of Workshops and Lectures shall engage scholars in quality research methodologies and contributions to the society at large. The research tenure shall be in adherence to the University regulations and Research center norms as updated from time to time to upkeep the rigor and focus while achieving all expected deliverables as per the stipulated time-line. Research Scholar are encouraged to give colloquiums on their research journey and expand the horizons.

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