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JSTOR-Collection III : e-Journals:

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JSTOR is an online archive of full-text articles from a wide variety of academic journals. The library subscribes to JSTOR’s Arts & Sciences III collection, which includes journals related to the history and study of art and architecture, languages and literature, music, film, folklore, performing arts, and religion. For access, JSTOR-Collection III e-resources.

JSTOR Sustainability: e-Journals and Research Report

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Discover a wide range of journals, e-books, and research reports in the field of sustainability. The subjects of resilience and sustainability are explored broadly, covering research on environmental stresses and their impact on society.

Bloomsbury Architecture Library

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Bloomsbury Architecture Library is a dynamic research tool for architecture and architecture studies. With cross-searchable access to an expanding range of text, image, and interactive content, this dynamic platform is essential for academics and provides innovative educational resources for students.

Knowledge Hub (K-Hub): e-Journals, Research reports, e-Books, Case reports

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K-Hub offers a comprehensive compilation of databases covering e-journals, e-books, e-articles, e-newspaper, e-newsletters, case reports, videos online sample issues, and article submissions for authors. K-Hub also provides information on Jobs, recent news, and recent events/conferences. For access, Knowledge Hub (K-Hub) e-resources.

Charles Correa Archive

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Charles Correa Archive Database. The work of Charles Correa has been carefully archived in a specially created digital program that interlinks over 15,000 drawings, photos, articles, and essays. These digitized archives are advantageous to students, professionals, and faculty who would like to refer to Correa’s work for their academic assignments and architectural research.

VTU Consortium: e-Journals and e-Books

The consortium aims at strengthening the collection of e-Resources in every institution and to enable their faculty and students to access scholarly information on their fingertips. It has access to 12000+ National and International peer-reviewed e-journals as well as 25000 Ebooks through ProQuest, Taylor and Francis, Springer, Elsevier, Emerald, MAP Systems, NetAnalytiks, and Mint Books Databases. These resources are available 24×7, through IP based and remote access.

Taylor & Francis

Architecture Journals: 19
Architecture e-Books: 1068
Allied Subjects Journals: 555
Allied Subjects e-Books: 3882


Architecture Journals: 200

Allied Subjects Journals:


Journals: 298


100+ Con. Proceedings

Springer Nature

Journals: 690
e-Books: 5145

Emerald Publishing

Journals: 120
Cases: 1000

Mint Books

e-Books: 3469


Lanquill Online Language lab tool -Writing Grammar Tool

Turnitin originality checking online tool
On Campus:


Turnitin, Similarity Check (Publication Originality Check Software) is now available in BMSCA Library and Information Center under the VTU E-resource Consortia. This facility can be availed by Faculty Members, Research Scholars, and Students of BMSCA to check the similarity of the articles, theses, dissertations, and project reports.

MAP Systems (Remote Access Software)

Remote access facility to the Faculty, Staff, Research scholars, and all student members. Users can get access to the Remote-Login facility for accessing online and digital resources from outside of campus. Users can access online resources as per the library e-resource access policy and remote access policy

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