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Date: 03/05/2019

Release of “Vastu Padvika-Series II” and display the student works produced by after the study tour completion


The book "Vastu Padvika-Series II" is a proud Publication by BMS College of Architecture. It is a compilation of all the study tours from BMSCA during June 2018 & Januaray/Feb 2019. Students visited various international and national cities to study Architecture, History, culture, styles etc. During the visit they had documented the places and buildings in terms of sketches and photographs.

The compilation of their works with guidance from faculty members who accompanied the study tour was displayed in the exhibition.

The Exhibition was inaugurated, followed by Book release by Dr. Ravishankar B.V, Principal, BMSCE, Ar. Mukesh Kotak, Design Chair-BMSCA, & Dr. Mamatha P.Raj, Director-BMSCA.


Objective: To explore Contemporary Architecture style and learn about Sustainable methods in practice.

Place: Singapore

Date: 29th Jan - 2nd Feb 2019

No of Students: 24

Objective: To experience buildings in their context by observing the climatic responsiveness- materials & massing, architectural history and cultural significance of the built forms in the region.

Place: Rajasthan-Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer & Udaipur

Date: 26th Jan - 1st Feb 2019

No of Students: 54

STUDY TOUR Objectives: To expose students to historical, vernacular and contemporary architecture of Spain.

Date: 28th Jan - 5th Feb 2019

Duration: 9 days

Place: SPAIN

No of Students: 33

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