Our Distinguished Alumni

Sl. No. Name of Alumni Designation Organization
1. Ar. Bijoy Ramachandran Director M/s. Hundred Hands, Bangalore
2. Ar. Anup Naik Director M/s. Space Matrix, Bangalore
3. Ar. Sandeep Jain
Ar. Manoj Ladhad
Partners M/s. Architecture Paradigm, Bangalore
4. Ar. Gayathri Shetty Partner M/s. Gayathri & Namith Associates
5. Ar. Arjun Unnikrishnan Proprietor M/s. Unnikrishnan & Associates, Banglore
6. Ar. Asha Balaji Partner M/s. Balaji & Associates
7. Ar. Ashok Dutta Founder & Principal Architect M/s. Studio Decode, Bangalore
8. Ar. Vivek Shankar Partner M/s. Vivek Shankar & Associates, Bangalore
9. Ar. Sujit Nair
Ar. Aruna Sujit
Partners M/s. SDEG, Bangalore
10. Ar. Sadashiv Chakravarty Associate Director RSP Architects, Bangalore
11. Adithya Kiran T Partner SA Architecture Studio
12. Sameera Chukkapalli Founder & Director Needlab, Barcelona

Alumni - Achievements

Sameera is an advanced architect and director of Needlab, Barcelona, Spain. She spends most of her time drafting human-centred design solutions with communities, around the world.

She has conducted workshops and built structures in over 10 countries with impact reach of more than 1600 people. She has given lectures at UNhabitat events and others in over 15 countries.

Currently, she is driven towards solving the UN Sustainable development Goals and making sustainable design solutions reachable to all. She is the student of BMSCA.