Computer Lab is an integral part of UG and PG programmes. BMSCA has a well-equipped centralized computer centre to cater to the students and the faculty. Eight excellent state-of-the-art laboratories are set up in the college and installed the latest application software. These laboratories house a total of 66 computers connected on the LAN network. The specialized laboratories provide a variety of platforms and computing environment for UG, PG and research students.


Laser Cutting Machine (Prakash CMA-1390) – 1 Nos,
3D Printer - Pramaan 300 (Made in India)- 1 Nos,
3D Printer - Makerbot Replicator Plus (Made in USA) – 1 Nos,
Plotter and Scanner (HP DesignJet T830) - 1 Nos


Model: PRAKASH CMA-1390
Working area : 900mmX 1200mm
Laser Tube : CO2 Laser Tube

3D Printer

Maker Bot Replicator Plus:

  1. Company : MakerBot
  2. Model :Replicator Plus
  3. Working area : 30cm X 30cm X 30cm
  4. Printable Material : PLA
  5. Nozzle : Single
  6. Printer Type : FDM

Pramaan 300:

  1. Company : Global 3D Labs
  2. Model : Pramaan 300
  3. Working area : 30cm X 30cm X 30cm
  4. Printable Material : PLA,ABS,Nylon,Composites
  5. Nozzle : Single
  6. Printer Type : FDM

Students Activity using Innovation Lab Equipments:

Students are allowed to use the lab equipment's to make Laser cut models of their plans, Sections and Elevations of their Concepts. 3D Printers are used to create prototype models as a part of Product design


Climate Responsive architecture is an evolving field of architectural practice and research. Climate Responsive architecture is that which measure actual environmental conditions (via sensors) to enable buildings to adapt their form, shape, color or character responsively. Hence we believe in providing hands on experience to students in measuring the various elements of climate and understand the environment to develop the responsive design.

We have various instruments in the lab like Anemometer, Lux meter, Weather station, Rain Gauge etc which helps to measure the elements of climate to develop a responsive design.


3 Sets of materials & equipment's for Studio and Workshop activities of Basic Design, Art Appreciation, Architectural presentation and other activities


Thermacol Cutter – Pointed, Thermacol Cutter - Angular, Thermacol Cutter - Scraper, Electric Potter Wheel, Clay Modelling Tool Kit, Wood carving Tool Kit, Rotring Pen 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, Paper Cutter, Artist quality Water Colour Set, Artist quality Poster Colour Set, Artist quality Acrylic Colour Set, Sketch Pens, Brushes - Round and Flat, Bosch Drill Set, Easels, Artist Manikin, Charcoal Crayons, Canvas Boards, Papers, Glass Marking Pencils


Tools: Chisel Set, Mallet Hammer, Hand Planer, Screw driver set, Hand Saw, Hacksaw Frame, Try Square, Wire Stripper, Bench vice, Cable cutter, Cutting plier, Tin Cutter, Nose plier, Hammer, Air blower, 5mts Tape, 4” Angle Grinder, 4” Cutting Machine, Hexa Blade, Spirit Leveller, Wood File, Pineer, C Clamp, Drill Machine, Blade.



  • The Material Lab is a resource for students to physically understand and comprehend materials and products
  • It has been curated as per the academic curriculum
  • It houses physical material samples of- fabrics, carpets, paints, surfacing, counter tops, ceiling tiles, wall boards, glass, acoustic boards, hardware, etc. that students and faculty can access for classroom projects, presentations, and beyond.
  • It encourages creativity, exploration and discovery by exhibiting building construction models along side the materials of the concerned topics.