Rules Governing Loans


Rules Governing Loans

  • Produce library card to borrow books which is barcoded. 
  • While returning/issuing books from the library, members should ensure
  • that their books are duly charged/discharged.
  • Books and other publications are issued from the issue counter between
  • 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM.
  • Books can be recalled in case of an urgent demand for the same.
  • Members should keep the library informed of any change of e-mail
  • address during the period of their membership.
  • Membership will be canceled for misusing resources, damage, or
  • misbehaving.
  • Member should return all the books borrowed from the library before
  • proceeding on any kind of long leave.
  • Membership Card Non-transferable
  • Report immediately in case of loss of library Card/Books
  • Duplicate Library Card @ ₹100/-

Overdue: An amount of ₹5/- is collected as overdue charges per day after the due date. However in spite of two reminders, if the book is not returned, library membership will be suspended till further order.

Reservations: Books on loan or on display at the New Arrivals shelf can be reserved through Web OPAC. Reservations for more than one book will be considered according to priority. Reserved books are kept separately in the issue counter for two days for each member. The reservation lapses automatically after two days, and the next person on the list of reservations gets priority.

Renewals: Books are renewable, provided there is no demand for the books by other members. One-time renewal of books will be done through Web OPAC. For subsequent renewals, the user has to bring the books physically; a request for renewal will be considered if there is no reservation for the same. Books can be recalled any time in case of an urgent demand by the other users.

  • The Library has automated most of its services and activities through KOHA. Web OPAC service gives search facilities for library resources.
  • Computerized circulation system has facilitated fast and efficient service at the issue counter. Reservations, renewal, etc., are being attended to through the system.
  • The Library provides personalized short-range and long-range reference services to the users.
  • Documentation Service: The Library provides News clipping, bibliographies, reading Lists, CAS & SDI services, etc., in anticipation or on request, and Reprographic service.
  • The library subscribes to several electronic databases and journals. Some of these can be accessed online, while some others can be accessed from the intranet (LAN). The users are assisted to access the databases available and download or print the data as the need be.
  • The Digital Library facility is also available for the benefit of the user to access scholarly content articles.
Borrowing Privileges
User Category Book Category No of Books Loan Period
UG Students Regulars Books 02 Books 14 Days
PG Students Regulars Books 02 Books 14 Days
Research Scholar Regulars Books 02 Books 14 Days
SC/ST Students Book Bank 01 Book One Semester
Top 3 Students (Each Semester) Regulars Books 02 Books 14 Days
Teaching Staff Regulars Books 02 Books 14 Days
Non-Teaching Staff Regulars Books 01 Book 14 Days
General Instructions:
  • Eatables/Drinks not allowed inside the Library.
  • Keeping in mind that the library is a place of individual study and research, members should maintain an atmosphere of dignity, peace, and silence within the library premises.
  • Library materials should be handled with utmost care. Nobody should write damage or make any mark on any of the library materials.
  • Readers should not replace books or journals back on the shelves but are requested to leave them on the reading tables after use.
  • Suggestions for purchasing books and improving the library services are welcome.
  • Using mobile phones inside the library is strictly prohibited. Keep mobile phones in silent mode.
  • Library not responsible for any loss/damage of personal belongings.

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